The RUMBATM method or Reconfigurable Uncalibrated Master Balls Artefact method uses one or more individual ball mounted directly on the workpiece table in no time. No precision is required in the relative position of the balls nor in their exact location on the table. However, once screwed in place, these balls form a reference artefact for the short duration of the probing procedure, thus providing direct data on the capability of the machine. In metrology terms it means that the metrology loop between the tool and the point of interest on the machine table is very short which contributes to reducing measurement uncertainties. In addition, all measurement are automatic thanks to the machine’s own touch trigger probe. This is a very reliable instrument to gather the necessary data. No other instrument is required and as a result the whole procedure is also automatic. This makes the method highly robust and ideally suited to the harsh machine tool environment.

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The SAMBA or Scale And Master Balls ArtefactTM method adds a traceable reference length materialised by two balls separated by a calibrated distance which are then probed by the machine tool in order to yield estimates of the volumetric errors and more.

Our light carbon fiber or temperature insensitive INVAR systems come with compatible threads for rapid and easy mounting on your machines. All material is supplied in a robust PelicanTM case.

It is a great way to get more value out of your machine touch probe.

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