Method and software for five-axis machine tool geometry monitoring

AxiSAMBATM is a powerful software using advanced mathematical machine models and a powerful and easy to use graphical interface to detect degradations in the volumetric errors of your machine. It provides diagnosis on your machine's internal errors that may ultimately affect your machined parts. By conducting frequent check on your machines you can detect changes and take remedial actions quickly to reduce the risks of producing bad parts.

In order to provide quick feedback to machine operators, user specified limits are used to immediately display one of the three following messages: OK : WITHIN SPECIFICATION LIMITS, WARNING : APPROACHING SPECIFICATION LIMITS or STOP : OUT OF SPECIFICATION LIMITS. Further interactive graphical tools and a Microsoft Excel® file are provided for machine status analysis and tracking over time for maintenance decision and planning.

AxiSAMBATM can use a variety of data to conduct its analysis. A simple and cost effective way is to use the touch trigger probe to measure one or more balls mounted on the machine table. This is the RUMBATM approach. A scale bar can be added to provide additional information, thus forming a SAMBATM artefact.

Any equivalent data relating the position of the tool holder to positions on the machine table can be used as input to AxiSAMBATM.

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