Our mission

Provide five axis machine tool users with products, training and services to automatically check in less than 30 minutes the precision of a machine to help ensure part quality and to rapidly diagnose a faulty machine geometry.

Aximetra will:
-analyse your particular five axis machine tool infrastructure and guide you in integrating AxiSAMBA to your maintenance procedures;
-assist with implementation of your machine tool geometric error tracking using AxiSAMBA's approach;
-train the users and supervisors in understanding machine tool errors as per the latest international standards;
-ensure on-going technical support.

Machine tools are increasingly sophisticated

Machine tools are increasingly sophisticated with multiple moving axes producing complex and potentially highly accurate parts in a single setup. Five or more axes are now commonly used. However, numerous geometric error sources exist on such machines and if not carefully monitored can result in costly scrap being produced. As manufacturers wish to reduce manufacturing costs and ensure part quality, understanding and controlling machine errors is essential.

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Aximetra's approach

Measuring the geometry and volumetric accuracy of five axis machine tools has traditionally been time consuming and costly and causing loss of production time. The choice was either costly checks or costly scrap! However, it is well known that frequent of the precision and geometry of your five-axis CNC machine tool provides geometric health data essential to help you ensure good parts are machined and to plan maintenance actions.

Aximetra is driven by customer’s needs for frequent, non-intrusive and rich information on the precision status of their machine tools through automatic measurement using the RUMBATM system and advanced data processing and analysis using the AxiSAMBATM software.

Aximetra offers to automate and simplify the monitoring of the machine's geometry so that it can be conducted frequently, rapidly and automatically at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional methods.

Should excessive deviations be detected, Aximetra’s solutions help pinpoint the cause of the deviations so that users can plan corrective actions. Aximetra’s solutions are easy to implement and use. The burden and complexity of data acquisition is replaced by a smart analysis of simple probing test results. The test involves various combinations of all machine axes thus providing rich and realistic data of the tool position relative to the work table. Because each internal geometric error source of the machine has a distinctive effect on the probing results it is an easy task for the software to separate them and provide users with an informative machine diagnostics. This is Aximetra’s approach.

Aximetra's realizations

Aximetra's approach has already been implemented on the following five axis machines:

Mitsui Seiki HU40T (B and C axes on the workpiece side)
Huron KX8 (A and C axes on the workpiece side)
Gantry machine (C and B axes on the tool side)
Niles milling and turning (C on workpiece and B on tool side)
Hermle machine (A and C axis on workpiece side)
Campbell grinding machine (C axis on workpiece side and B axis on tool side)

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